Kuhn 4 Rotor-rake GA 15131 – GA13131

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Kuhn GA 13131

The GA 13131 circular rake combines a large capacity with a low transport height of 3.95 m without removing tine arms. Intensive testing preceded the introduction. Many features make this rake a unique machine. The GA 13131 has a working width of 8.40 to 12.50 m.

Kuhn GA 15131

The GA 15131 has rotors with a diameter of 3.65 m and therefore reaches a working width of 9.50 to 14.70 m. Due to a unique construction, the machine in transport position does not exceed 4 m. This means that you can quickly turn around switch to transport without time-consuming removal of the tine arms.

Hydraulic rotor drive

Kuhn is the only company in the market that offers hydraulic drive for all rotors. The maintenance of this drive is very limited due to the lack of drive shafts, universal joints, gearboxes, slip clutches and freewheel. The only drive shaft between tractor and rake is always in line with the tractor. In this way disparity and peak loads in the drive are reduced to a minimum. The hydraulic drive also has a damping effect and limits the load on the machine in the event of an overload. An additional advantage is better ground following of the cardanically suspended rotors because the running is not influenced by an external driving torque. You will also be amazed by the quiet course of the GA 13131!

Cardanic rotor suspension

Cardanic rotor suspension or 3D suspension means that the rotors can swing both forwards / backwards and left / right. The result is good soil adaptation. Kuhn has also mounted a short hydraulic cylinder on the rotors. When the rotors are raised, they are pulled back by the short cylinder. When landing rotors, they land backwards. This effect can be compared with the landing and take-off of an aircraft and prevents the teeth from scratching over the bottom. This will limit damage to the subsurface and pollution of the swath. All rotors are equipped with castors that are mounted close to the working area of the teeth.

New MASTERDRIVE GIII rotor drive

This concerns a further development on the GI and GII MASTERDRIVE rotors. This new rotor is lighter due to the use of lighter materials (where possible) and stronger due to larger diameters of different rotating parts. Due to the lower weight of the rotor, the load on the rest of the rake, such as arms and middle frame, is greatly reduced. With the MASTERDRIVE drive you can rely on a sustainable drive line.

Easy ISOBUS operation

The operation of the GA 13131 takes place via the Kuhn ISOBUS terminal VT50. Other Kuhn ISOBUS machines can also be operated with the VT50. You can arrange many things through the terminal, such as;

setting swath width;
setting working width;
set working depth per rotor;
set lifting height at headland of the rotors;
increase rotor rotations by 20% on front rotors.



Kuhn 4 Rotor-rake GA 15131 – GA13131


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