Kuhn disc mower without conditioner front attachment

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We have a number of different disc mowers from the Kuhn brand that are suitable for mounting on the front side of the tractor in our range. A distinction is made between the freedom of movement of the cutting unit, the working width and the maximum power that can be applied to the mower.

  • KUHN GMD 110 F series / 1021 Compact
  • KUHN GMD 280 F – GMD 310 F

The GMD 280 F and 310 F have, in addition to the drawn parallelogram of the cutting unit, more features for a clean mowing technique. The machines have discs that rotate towards each other and ensure a high nutritional value because each blade of grass is mowed only once.

The suspension has a side suspension that provides extra stability during work. Four string-driven windrows form uniform, airy windrows that are placed between the wheels of the tractor.

The machines have a 100-series cutter with PROTECTADRIVE and FAST-FIT. The driver has a panoramic view of the machine. Both machines are very manoeuvrable and require little power due to the limited superstructure and light weight.

  • KUHN GMD 2820 F – GMD 3120 F 

The GMD 3120 F and GMD 2820 F have been specially developed for use in mountainous areas and for use in combination with special tractors with a low center of gravity. Both mowers can also be used on light standard agricultural tractors.

  • KUHN GMD 3125 F – GMD 2535 F

The first impression counts the most, which is why the new Kuhn GMD front mowers have a new, very attractive design. The inside has also been adjusted. These new models have functional KUHN features such as:

  • A unique design of the frame for a perfect ground adjustment.
  • A maintenance-free OPTIDISC cutter bar for a clean cut.
  • PROTECTDRIVE obstacle protection and FAST-FIT knife quick change.
  • Hydropneumatic cutter bar relief LIFT-CONTROL of the cutting unit.
  • Simple settings for more user comfort.
  • A strong 3-point extension frame cat 2 (without A-frame) plenty of room for the PTO.



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