Kuhn disc mower with rear conditioner

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Kuhn FC 244 – FC 284 – FC 314 LIFT-CONTROL

More than ever, high-quality feed forms the basis for any efficient, profitable and solid agricultural business. The mowers of the FC 104 series from KUHN have important features – from LIFT-CONTROL to OPTIDISC – for optimum performance when it comes to profitability.

The FC 104 is available in three different working widths:

FC 244 with a working width of 2.40 m
FC 284 with a working width of 2.80 m
FC 314 with a working width of 3.10 m
These mowers are available in 3 versions: the standard version, the D version and the R version.

Standaard version

The standard version contains a buckling rotor with plastic fingers (see figure 2). This rotor has an optimum crushing quality. The speed of the rotor is adjustable. The counter comb can be adjusted as desired.

D version

This articulated rotor is equipped with steel free-hanging flails (see figure 3). Due to the special shape of the flails, they are “thrown out” with great force. As a result, the flails also remain standing outside with a heavy crop or a high driving speed. The flails do not move during mowing, which means there is no wear on the hinge pin.

R version

The FC 244 and 284 are also available in an R version. This version has two crushing rollers (see figure 4). These two driven and adjustable rollers are particularly suitable for crushing leafy plants.

LIFT-CONTROL: harvest feed with the highest possible nutritional value
If the pressure on the cutter bar increases with the hydropneumatic LIFT-CONTROL suspension, the cutter bar is automatically relieved. The higher the load, the lighter the cutter bar becomes. This has clear advantages:

a constant bottom pressure;
a non-stop obstacle protection;
an accurate soil adjustment;
less soil in the silage;
minimal damage to the turf.
Perfect balance thanks to the oscillating center suspension
The performance of a suspension system is at stake if the weight distribution over the ground is not the same everywhere. With the FC 104 series, the mowing unit is suspended at the center of gravity to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and a high-quality and regular mowing result can be achieved across the entire width.




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