Kuhn drawn shaker GF 10812T – GF8712T – GF 7902T GII – GF 7802T GII

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GF 10812T – GF8712T – GF 7902T GII – GF 7802T GII circular shakers

Shaking is a work pass that usually does not require all the power of a large tractor. The trailed shakers make it possible to use smaller tractors and thus keep labor costs low. The ease of driving and operating and the long service life of the machine are advantages for choosing this type of tedder. The trailed tedders are available in working widths from 7.70 m up to and including 10.80 m. Three models are equipped with small rotors, the GF 7802T GII is equipped with larger rotors for shaking extremely long crops.

GF 8712 – 10812: headland position

A headland position is available on the new 1012 models. Thanks to this position, the machine is easy to lift at the headland. This prevents certain parts of the field from being shaken several times, which leads to less pollution and loss.

Improved position of transport wheels

The transport wheels in the working position of the trailed shakers are lifted. The transport set is designed so that the middle wheels of the rotors are hardly loaded. The weight of the transport set mainly rests on the towing eye of the tractor.


  • the middle wheels of the rotors are not loaded;
  • no rutting on damp surfaces;
  • better soil adjustment.

Hydraulic tilt

With these professional tedders, the field position can easily be shaken by means of the hydraulic tilt. With the control of the control valve, the tedder can easily be adjusted to the left or right.



Kuhn drawn shaker GF 10812T – GF8712T – GF 7902T GII – GF 7802T GII


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