Kuhn drawn shaker GF 10812 – GF 8712 – GF 7902 – GF 7802

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GF 10812 – 8712 – 7902 – 7802 circular shakers

These worn rotary shakers have ideal properties to deliver a high shaking quality. The small rotors not only guarantee excellent feed quality, but are also the secret behind a fast drying process, excellent soil adaptation and a low percentage of dirt in the feed.

GF 10812 – 8712 – 7902 – 7802: unrivaled shock absorption and driving comfort

The three largest worn GF models feature an exclusive, patented spring system that combines the benefits of powerful springs with the benefits of hydraulic suspension:

  • the hydraulic suspension stabilizes the machine by means of two large shock absorbers when the machine is lifted at the headland;
  • at the same time the machine is always kept in the best position by strong springs;
  • integrated rubber suspension blocks absorb shocks on, for example, poorly maintained roads, while shock absorbers control the movements of the machine.

GF 10812 – 8712: headland position

A headland position is available on the new 1012 models. Thanks to this position, the machine can easily be lifted at the headland. This prevents certain parts of the field from being shaken several times, which leads to less pollution and loss.

DIGIDRIVE: the original finger clutch

This patented design has since proven itself on more than 150,000 Kuhn circular shakers. The advantages:

  • reliable drive for circular shakers of various sizes;
  • the tedders can be folded very compactly;
  • made of hardened steel;
  • hardly any maintenance or repair required with lifelong lubricated rotor housing and few lubrication points.

GF 7802: larger rotors for long and dense crops

The rotors of the GF 7802 with large diameter and seven tine arms are designed to cover large windrows with long, heavy or dense crops.



Kuhn drawn shaker GF 10812 – GF 8712 – GF 7902 – GF 7802


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