VGM Agricultural tipper LK16

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The agricultural tipping trailers from VGM are known for their functionality, strong construction and durability! They prove this day in day out in practice. VGM tipping trailers are distinguished by a well-thought-out design with a smooth loading platform made of high-quality wear-resistant material. The tipping trailer has a high level of finish and a very complete standard version. On public roads or rough arable land, the VGM tippers feel at home everywhere. Thanks to their shuttle tandem and BPW axles, these tipping trailers can be used everywhere.





10 hole BPW shafts 150 mm

410 x 180

Hydraulic support leg, operated from the tractor

Tapered container, therefore better releasing

Container entirely made of HARDOX, durable steel

Four wheels hydraulically braked

See-through grid in the container

Grain slider in the tailgate

Width lighting front and rear

Rotatable towing eye

Hose support on the drawbar

Rubber suspension drawbar

Screwed mudguards on the loading platform

container dimensions

5500 ext. X 2400 int. X 1400 int.

Grease fittings of the main axis central

Tipping cylinder mounted in gimbal suspension

Track width

1950 mm

  • steps in front of the container
  • Sail rack on the chassis
  • Sail rack on the tailgate
  • Bordes in front of the container i.c.w. option stairs
  • Rubber spout with grain scraper
  • Extending the operating operation of the grain gate on the left and / or right side
  • Hardwood protection beam mounted on top edge of container
  • Plastic protection beam mounted on top of the container
  • Hydraulic drawbar suspension
  • Hydraulic towing foot with hand pump
  • Double-acting rear valve with six-way valve in combination with hydraulic tailgate
  • Hydraulic towing foot with six-way crane
  • Air braking
  • ALR valve i.c.w. hydraulic drawbar suspension and air braking
  • Hydraulic forced steering of the rear axle
  • Silage build-up 800 mm type LK16
  • Silage build-up 250 mm type LK16
  • Work lamp in the front of the container (58R)
  • 1 work lamp on the back
  • Switch between the body and chassis i.c.m. 1 work lamp on the back
  • Reverse zoomer
  • Follower plug on the back
  • LED-lighting
  • Plastic toolbox
  • Scharmüller towbar K80
  • Scharmüller K50 connection for control
  • Prepare PVG
  • Grease fittings of the swivel center
  • Sprayed in company colours
  • VGM cover system
  • Clamps on tailgate type LK
  • Command steering rod with quick release

VGM Agricultural tipper LK16


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