VGM Container trolley DT5

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VGM box trolley DT 5 offers flexible transport capacity. Due to the compact dimensions and the low bucket height, it is easy to load this trolley. By default it is possible to fold down the backboard. Because the box trolley is delivered galvanized from the factory, that guarantees a longer service life and the car retains its beautiful appearance for much longer




DT 5

8 hole axle braked not connected

Overrun brake


15 / 55 -17

Bottom plate

5 mm

The bucket is completely galvanized

The bearing height is adjustable

650 - 1000 mm


12 / 24 volt

Railing consists of round tube

Bucket size

4000 x 2000 x 300

Folding back board

Fixed leg adjustable in height

  • Reverse zoomer
  • 2 work lights on the back
  • Plastic toolbox
  • Air breaking combined with hydr
  • Hydrolic breaking
  • Air braking
  • reflective tape on the side red/green/silver (white)/yellow/blue/orange

VGM Container trolley DT5

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