VGM Dredger transport dump truck BK30

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VGM has developed the special dredger transport tippers for transporting dredges and sludges. These tipping trailers are compact tippers that can be closed completely at the top. Thanks to the good sealing of the tailgate, these dredging tipping trailers are very suitable for transporting dredging and sludge





Tridem heavy transport tipping trailer

10 hole shafts 150 mm

410 x 180


28 m³

Hydraulic sliding roof

Tailgate hydraulically locked above and below

Hydraulic suspension axle suspension TRIDEC HDO

First and third axis forced

Hydraulic double acting support leg

Hydraulic double acting tailgate

Tapered container, therefore better releasing

Six wheels hydraulically braked

Width lighting front and rear

Rotatable towing eye

Rear towbar

Hose support on the drawbar

Hydraulic suspension drawbar

Tipping cylinder mounted in gimbal suspension

Track width

2050 mm

  • Hydraulische disselvering
  • Hydraulic towing foot with hand pump
  • Hydraulic towing foot with six-way crane
  • Air brake
  • Air brakes combined with hydr
  • Air brakes + ALR valve
  • Lockable control box
  • 2 work lights on the back
  • Follower plug on the back
  • LED-lighting
  • Reverse row buzzer
  • Plastic toolbox
  • Scharmüller K80 towbar
  • Scharmüller steering ball joint K50
  • Prepare PVG
  • Sprayed in company colours
  • automatic lubrication system
  • Scoop support on the underside of the bucket
  • ZK-2 Dredge Toggle
  • ZK-2 Bumper foldable TÜV-PVG
  • Bumper ZK-2
  • Semi automatic height adjustment
  • PTO / pump engine combination
  • Quick pocket valve

VGM Dredger transport dump truck BK30

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