The right tool for the job

New Holland mini excavators have a capacity of 1.7 to 6.0 tons. Thanks to the different versions with a roof, cabin, small turning circle (SR) and zero swivel radius, the ideal model is available for garden architecture, utilities, agricultural or horticultural companies, plant nurseries, vineyards, tillage or general contract work. The various applications include construction and maintenance of rail, irrigation and drainage projects, formation of fencing, temporary buildings and crop support.

With hydraulically driven attachments such as augers, flail and roadside mowers, cutter bars and saws, the boom and scoop offer the powered arm versatility, but with the construction power of an excavator. The same boom and spoon can be used for hydraulic cutters, crushers and heavy-duty devices, such as stump cutters.

Do you want to know more? Using the installed Object Handling Kit, all models can be used to lift heavy hanging loads via a hook on the connection of the bucket. All this versatility is offered to you by New Holland dealers.

Small dimensions. Great achievements. Huge versatility.
Thanks to the compact size, New Holland mini excavators work effortlessly in hard-to-reach places. They are as compact as they are large in their performance. Each model is designed for a full day of undisturbed work and offers the most versatile performance in its class thanks to the ability to power different attachments.


New Holland





Number of cilinders


Rated power

16.8 PK

At rated speed

2300 rpm

Max Koppel

53 Nm

At rated speed

1600 rpm

Contents Diesel tank

20 Liters


Adjustable (980 mm & 1250 mm)

Maximum flow

2 x 17 L/min by axial piston pumps with variable flow

Maximum pressure

210 bar

Press flow gear pump

10.4 L/min

Pressing gear pump



2-speed (2,1 km/h & 4,1 km/h)


1800 KG


Radio + Rotating lamp

  • Demolition Sort function
  • Hammer function
  • Hydraulic quick change

New Holland E18C


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