Nieuwe Strautmann Magnon opraapwagen

The German manufacturer Strautmann is performing its new Magnon loader wagons at Agritechnica. The Magnon has a movable front wall, but most striking are the plastic fingers of the pick-up that work the grass inside.

For the Flex-Load pick-up, Strautmann has opted for plastic fingers because they adapt better to uneven surfaces than steel teeth. Moreover, the flexible teeth are certainly as strong as steel teeth. The Flex-Load pick-up has a working width of 2.25 meters and is hydraulically driven. The plastic fingers are arranged in six V-shaped rows for constant input.

The Magnon loader wagon series will replace the current Tera-Vitesse series. The series consists of the Magnon 430, 470 and 530 models with a capacity of 42, 46 and 52 cubic meters.

Cutting edges
The loader wagon is equipped as standard with 48 blades with cutting edges on both sides, which ensures a theoretical cutting length of at least 35 mm. The Magnon 430 and 470 are on tandem and the Magnon 530 is a three-axle with a total load of 30 tons.


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