The New Holland T5 with the now well-known DynamicCommand 8 speed powershift transmission is expected at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, next month. The New Holland T5 DynamicCommand is introduced at this large German trade fair and more is known about this new model in the premium Utility range around 100 to 140 hp. And the New Holland T5 with DynamicCommand transmission will fit seamlessly between the recently introduced variable-speed T5 AutoCommand and the existing T5 with 4-speed ElectroCommand powershift bucket.

The DynamicCommand transmission was developed by CNH at the Modena plant in Italy. This transmission is a real powershift gearbox with 8 steps, but in terms of comfort, flexibility and maneuverability it approximates that of the stepless version. The transmission consists of 3 ranges, the A to C groups with 8 gears or steps per group. In total, therefore, a range of 24 gears, both forwards and backwards, because the DynamicCommand transmission is a so-called reversing gearbox with the same number of forward and reverse gears! The basis of this tank is therefore the now famous double clutch technology that has been used for some time in the car world and which also uses the variable transmissions from New Holland. In fact, it comes down to the transmission not switching so much but linking much more between the even and odd gears. This makes the New Holland DynamicCommand super-fast and extremely efficient with a minimum of internal losses in the tank! Everything is controlled by the electronic brain of the bucket that continuously analyzes the engine speed, the speed of the input and output drive shaft and the load. This creates an almost smooth transition in groups and gears, making the tractor drive approximately like a continuously variable gearbox!

The new New Holland T5 DynamicCommand, just like its continuously variable counterpart, will also be equipped with the thick 4.5 liter FPF NEF engine that meets the most stringent emission requirements of STAGE 5. Thanks to the Hi-eSCR2 after-treatment system, the exhaust gases of the after-treatment of the tractor so that the emission of harmful gases is minimized. With the help of Ad-Blue, a DOC catalytic converter and an additional SCRoF filter, everything has been set up in such a way that the engine can perform as efficiently and economically as possible while still meeting the strict environmental requirements. And the great thing about all of this is that there is no longer a thick catalyst on the bottom right of the cabin, but that everything is neatly concealed under the hood !!

The New Holland T5 DynamicCommand is furthermore equipped with the larger cabin of the T6 and T7 series and has therefore also received the ergonomic SideWinder armrest on which many things can be controlled or reached by the driver. The cabin also has a panoramic skylight with lots of visibility, which is perfect for front loader work. Furthermore, the New Holland T5 DynamicCommand now also has options in the cab that were previously only found on its larger brothers. Think of ISOBUS class 3, the HTS2 headland management system with reconfigurable valves and telematics applications. In addition, the cabin is of course available with cabin suspension through the ComfortRide spring package. Finally, the front axle is also available with front axle suspension thanks to the TerraGlide suspension system.

Oh yes, last but not least, also pay attention to the new striping on the hood! It seems that the New Holland T5, and perhaps from now on all tractors, will get a silver version instead of the yellow sticker! We think it is very chic but tastes differ …